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Yankees 10045 outcome analysis of bovine Choi 29 West 36 act 36

West :Mallorca home to cut real law :Marseille ahead of two crowned guy cattle 10045victory and defeat coloranalysis (UK 29 West 36act 36)10045thUK Western League victory and defeat color mixing guess ,many big powers should grab European seats or relegation were the most dangerous moment ,with strength and battle.
Research to bile ,can get twice the result with half effort .Index channel: football basketball league wide instant index scores live more instant competes the color analysis of Zhejiang sports lottery network .
Please login bovine Jingcai blog site analysis and nine more please visit the Yankees cattle blog Sohu 01 Fullem vsStorck city 1/3 Fullem fearin the week Europa battle of tired, weekend home follow up a victory with hot pursuit 3-2 victory overWest Ham in London derby .
.46 pointstenth ,11 home wins and3draws and 4 defeatsthe score heavily .Storck City 0-0 at homebored and Everton ,also is home to a finisher ,44 pointstwelfth. Two teams last round match :Fullem London derby at Arsenal ,Storck at Manchester United since the 07/08 season two teams including .
Cup in Game 4 times,Fullem 2 wins and 1draws and 1 defeatsand 2 home winswere dominant . Only this season first round 2-3 defeat awayat day 99the average 2.06r3.26r3.45dfound for past 0.28 higherthan Many ,William Hill 2.
00d3.20d3.20u and 1.91u3.20r3.50rwin compensation dispersion and Ladbrokes compensates evenly discretely .For folding Asia plate so that the main hemisphere 1.06 highShuiyi is disk advantage ,Dublin Radio 1,check 1/3.
02 Manchester cityteam vs Tottenham spurs 3/1 Man City66 pointsat fifth ,67 pointsfourth. Two teams May 9th last rounds :Manchester city at West Ham ,hot assassin and Burnley .If the city can spurs ,basically no top four .
Hot assassin war man Chester hutch treatment distinct, against Manchester United 4negative level 16as amark against Manchester City pawns ,8wins and 2draws and 2 defeatsturn from a guest into a host .
Since the 93/94 season championship teams including war 24,3 wins,4draws and 17 defeatsManchester City is in absolutely inferior position . Not only on the season was a two 1-2 opponenttwice ,,this season first round away game by 0-3to complete,can encounter enemies nemesis .
Europe lost 99 average1.92d3.29r3.55rfound one of the lowest pay for play ,William Hill 1.91 3.403.25 and Bet3651.90d3.40r3.60rapparently the guest for discrete slightly larger. Are lost or Asia plate so that the main hemisphere 0.
92 waterdisk hot degree is not high ,the city 12 home wins4Ping 2bears the1/3timesgreatly ,adidas Jeremy Scott Wings,Tottenham away game 6 win 5negative level 6alsoRather shabby. Football lottery 3patch1.03Athletic Bilbao vsMalaga 3/0 Bilba last weekend1-3 homedefeat to Mallorca and so the worm away ,ending nearly nine 7 home wins and2undefeated,also lost among the top six of the first 35 La Ligamatch opportunity.
Round ,with 50 points eighth ,backward sixth Villari 2 points ,to the seat of Europa is in passive situation ;Malaga drew 1-1 at home to Gijon ,nearly won the four draws, and nearly eight rounds of 5negative level 3greatly.
And the bottom third Teneri with 35 pointsfourth to last, in fact has been involved in a relegation group .The away game 2 win 7negative level 8alsofor the Spanish away insects ,nearly six rounds of 4 successivenegative 2 smooth be .
Since the 99/00 season teams play 17 times,bill ,6wins and 4draws and 7 defeatsat a disadvantage ,4 home wins and2draws and 2 defeatsa slight advantage .This season first round 1-1 away draw with.
Europe 99average of 1.74D 3.43r 4.48uconform to historical opening ,or Asia plate can open to a half / 1.10 ultra highwater potential ,disc very adverse. 1.73u 3.40R 4RLadbrokes and Bet365 1.
72 D 3.60r 4.75RPingfu two discrete holding the team too .The bill bar at Real Madrid is a dead-end ,Malaga the remaining two guest war and battle are not real madrid Getafe Score .
This field two teams play can hardly be avoided .Football lottery 3/0walkingtwo .04Atletico Madrid vsVlado Reid 0/3 Atletico Madrid 1-3 guestnegative Savery ,excuse the European war tired and lost away endlessly.
43 pointstenth ,is actually a serious lack of sports moral team ,more appear very not occupation .10 home wins and3negative level 4also appearedundulating ,with even the bottom of the Salles dare to lose ,lost only vanity ;Vlado Reid 0-0 homestuffy and Getafe ,nearly five rounds he also holds a 2 wins and 3 drawsunbeaten, 33 pointssecond to last fall after the relegation zone ,2cent,echelon prospect .
The away game 3 win 7draw and 7 defeats,but also very bad road .Since the 02/03 season two war 11,Atletico 4wins and 3 drawsand 4 negative withrival go halves on a fifty-fifty basis ,3 home wins and1draws and 1 defeatsa slight advantage .
This season first round away game 4-0 win the match.Europe 99 average1.86r 3.44D 3.84dfound a claim against the highest for 1.73 u3.50 R,Ladbrokes 3.75 Rand Bet365 1.90 D 3.50r 3.90r highon top for victory at both ends of each focus .
For folding the Asian plate so that the main hemisphere 0.86 lowwater ,easily holding hot plate .The horse competition remaining rivals were to be badly in need of integration team ,both may step the emperor immediately following the season Fail .
Facing relegation rivals at large the better to apprehend him ?Wonderful radio 0,check the 0/3.05 Osasunavs Deportivo 3Osasuna2-3 guestnegative real glorious defeat ?Football soccer is not to be worth a hair away shame ,seven defeats ,39 pointstwelfth ,if only to meet the echelon can wait for a holiday.
The Deportivo 0-1 mainnegative echelon team Saragossa is more proceed without hesitation ,nearly 10 rounds of 3negative level 7much,ranking dropped sharply to ninth .At the same time nearly 11 games in4negative level 7greatly,also give up completely .
Since the 93/94 season two teams battle 23,OSA, Su 6wins and 6 draws11 negativeand 3 home wins and4negative level 4areat a disadvantage .This season first round 0-1 defeat awayat day 99 average1.
85 D3.37 r4.01 ufound one of the lowest pay for play ,Ladbrokes 1.833.203.75 and Bet3651.83 u3.60 u4.20 uPingfu difference great disparity may be more despised the visiting team. Were lost or Asia plate so that the main hemisphere 0.
85lower water traysnobbish ,number of Osas not many home when fans for amusement. Football lottery win radio 3.06racing Santandervs Seville 0 racing Santandernearly three rounds of 1 negative level 2would bequite artistic ,flat bottom road respectively Salles and negative to the inside ,to assist the opponent echelon After his own ,at home to help the opponent to virally seat of Europa .
Therefore the team in the bottom fifth ,only 1 points morethan the relegation zone of danger. The two remaining rivals Vlado and Gijon and relegation rivals ;home of the Seville 3-1tacitbeat ATL é TICO ,accumulates 57 points to 2pointsin the fourth Mallorca chase ( this thought with the occupation of fourth seats, but be superior in stratagem of Mallorca guest bill would still rank fourth) .
The away game 7 win 10 negativeto win good transportation ,for the Spanish unique scenery line .The next home game against Barcelona. Since the 93/94 season Sondheim 2 home wins and5draws and 5 defeatsat a disadvantage ,this season first round 2-1 awaydefeat opponent .
Europe 99 average2.94u 3.27u 2.27r two three twowin for the lowest combination ,Ladbrokes 2.753.252.20 and Bet3653.10u 3.30u2.30 rmain victory for team be fraught with grim possibilities are lost or discrete ,Asian plate to allow passengers flat / half 0.
95 inhigh water ,given the subject matter without hot risk relegation disk ,Dublin radio 0.07 Mallorca vsReal Madrid 3/0 Mallorcaaccumulates 59 points at fourth ,leading fifth Savery 2 points.
The remaining three home games against Real Madrid and the Spanish ,it away to Lakelu ,as long as the beat Real Madrid ,basic team can create the clubs history. 14 home wins and1draws and 2 lossesscoring 39 goals to throw 11 balls,although the last round of the 1-1 home draw with Malaga ugly ,but the island home still has the deterrent force ;Real Madrid 3-2 homenarrowly beat Osas ,and won the four game winning streak, winning can cover a multitude of sins .
Plot 89rows ofsecond ,but at least 2 pointswill win over Barcelona ,the remaining three includes subsequently home to bill and the away game to Malaga ,there is no room for mistakes .
Since the 97/98 season at home against Real Madrid 4 wins and 3draws and 6 defeatsa slight disadvantage, this season first round off the 0-2 defeat away Europe 99.Average 5.17 u3.86 u1.58 Rwith history opening ,Ladbrokes 4.
50 r3.50 r1.62 uand Bet365 5.50 r 4.20u 1.55Dflat compensate discrete ,or at both ends of each focus .For folding of dish of guest Let half / 0.88lower water traysnobbish ,set after all chips is thick as hail .
Dragon home Mallorca it is likely that the Real Madrid won the championship of broken dreams ,football lottery winner 3 single,check 3/0.08Saragossa vs Espanyol3 Saragossa 1-0win overLakelu ,,stop after four round of the 2 negative level 2much.
37 pointsfifteenth ,only 2 points morethan the relegation zone .6 home wins5flat6 of the negative recordis quite general ,thereafter Two rounds at Salles and at home to Villari not to deal with ;Spain 41 pointseleventh ,6 points morethan the relegation zone ,the echelon situation better.
The away game 2 win 5negative level 10isthe Spanish away insects .Since the 94/95 season both teams play 28 times,the Saragossa 6 win 11negative level 11and3 home wins7draw 4 defeatswere at a disadvantage.
This season first round away game also lost 1-2 .Europe 99 average1.85 D3.37 u4.05 ufound is also one of the lowest pay fights ,Ladbrokes 1.833.303.60 and Bet3651.83 r3.60 u4.20 uPingfu two discrete to the unfavourable .
Dublin radio 3gall Bo09.Paris St. Germain vs Valenciennes 1/3 ParisSaint Germain last weekend again won the French Cup ,for the past eight seasons third times, and won the next season Europa qualification before the 35 round Fajiafinished with 46 points ,eleventh ,nearly three rounds of 2 negative level 1greatlyand prepares for the cup ;Valenciennes he nearly three rounds of 1 wins and 2 drawsunbeaten, 49 pointstenth ,in the middle also a dilemma .
The away game 7 win 1negative level 9downsis rather large, nearly four rounds of 3negative 1 smoothbe .Since the 06/07 season teams play 9 times,Paris Saint-Germain in 3wins and 4draws and 2 defeatsand 2 home wins2 smooth rice1negativeare slightly dominant.
This season first round away game 3 -2 victory over rivals. Europe 99 average1.75 r3.35 r4.58 DBet365 1.75 uconsistent with historical opening ,Nike Air Force 1 High,3.40 R5 uand Bwin 1.75 3.404.65winfor discrete excluded .
For folding the Asian plate so that the main hemisphere 0.75 ultra lowwater disk thermotaxis ,Dublin Radio 1,Nike Air Force 1 Low,Professional duty to those words ~ ~ ~ I admit, they know more than I do......[I'm not by...,check 1/3.vs Monaco 1/310Lorient.Lorient 54 pointsseventh ,behind the sixth Montpelier 6 points ,and won the Europa seat opportunity theory .
Monaco 50 pointsto ninth ,the French Cup runner-up to have gained nothing since the.06/07 season Lorient 1 home wins2undefeatedthis season ,the first leg of the 0-2 defeat away at day 99 average1.
96 r3.17 R3.81 dfound to compensate for hand minimum ,Bet365 2 R 3.25r 3.90uand Bwin 1.95 3.154 inflat compensate a slightly cautious .For folding Asia plate so that the main hemisphere 0.
96traypotential adverse ,Click Here,football lottery should be 1/3double11.South tin vs Roman 1/3 Nancynearly four rounds of 2 smooth rice2negativewith 44 points,twelfth .5 home wins and3negative level 9is less thanaway ,easy manufacturing quiz scotoma ;Roman nearly five rounds of 2wins and 2 draws in1 negativepositive points ,but still only 29 pointsbehind the bottom third ,fourth from 7basicno relegation Saint-Etienne ,opportunity Road 2.
Win 2 draw 13 of the negative record,is one of the French away insects .Since the 97/98 season Nancy 2 home wins6draws and 2 defeatsand rival go halves on a fifty-fifty basis ,this season first round 1-2 defeat awayat day 99 average1.
99 r3.20 D3.65 rfolding Asia plate so that the main hemisphere 0.99traypotential adverse ,Bet365 2 R 3.30u 3.75uand Bwin 1.903.254winfor discrete compensates evenly discretely .Dublin Radio 1,check 1/3.
.12Lyon vsAJ 3/1 Lyonis the Champions League is out ,round 1-0win overMontpelier after dark ,nearly five rounds of 3wins and 2 drawsunbeaten .62 pointsfourth ,10 pointsbehind the leaders of Marseille ,have lost the chance to win the championship .
But only 2 lessthan third of Lille ,strive for next season in Europe Guanyi mat is not neglect ;AJ 0-0 homestuffy and Marseille ,nearly 12 rounds of 8wins and 4 drawsunbeaten competitive good state .
67 pointssecond ,5 pointsbehind Marseille ,the title little hope, but to secure second without loss .Since the 93/94 season Lyon 10 home wins and4draws and 3 defeatsoccupy larger dominant position ,this season first round away game 3-0 to win the match.
Europe 99 average1.61 r3.53 r5.46 ufolding Asia plate so that the main half / 0.90 in watersurface hot degree is not high ,Bet365 1.61 D 3.60r 5.75Rand Bwin 1.603.605.50flat compensateslightly higher The guest paid discrete Lyon 9 home wins and4draws and 3 defeatsthe dregs ,AJ away game 8 win 6negative level 3is better thanhome.
The football lottery must 3/1doubledefend 13.Kniss vs Bordeaux 1/0 Kniss 41 pointsfifteenth ,Cattle! Is really cow!,have early completion of relegation big industry. Nearly four home 2wins and 2 drawsunbeaten, keep good athletic state ;Bordeaux 1-0 found amap such as Fritz ,ending after six round of the 1 negative level 5greatly.
And the sixth Montpelier plot with 60 points for fifth row ,12 pointsbehind the leaders of Marseille giant ,this season too big for her skin four the line of scrimmage ,retreat and are void.
Not only defending as a dream ,do not grab the Champions League final ,even for covering Europa qualification .Since the 94/95 season also suspended Kniss 2 home wins and6draws and 3 defeatsslightly underdogs, this season first round 0-4 awaydefeat .
Europe 99 average3.62 u3.20 R2 Rwin over compensate for met minimum ,Bet365 3.75 u 3.30u 2Rand Bwin 3.703.202main victoryfor high, but extremely suppressed flat compensate .Are lost or sub disk guest Let hemisphere 1traypotential adverse ,Kniss may not be willing to be a season lost to the match two times.
The full color 1/0doublyconservative anti flat 14.Vs Marseille Marseille Rennes 30-0flatAJ ,small only seven winning streaks accumulate 72 points clear at thetop .First ,the lead second AJ 6 points,once the home win, to win the league .
Following the French League Cup champion, 17 yearswill be even won the two Cup Club ;Ryan nearly five round 3draw and 2 defeatswith 52 points,eighth ,strive to Europa Road 4also failed.Win 7 draw 6 of the negative recordis general .
Since the 96/97 season Marseille 9 home wins3draw and 2 defeatsoccupy a great advantage, this season first round 1-1 away draw with.Europe 99average of 1.44r 3.96u 7.08rfound for nature is met minimum ,Bet365 1.
44 r 4.20u 7.50uand Bwin 1.45 47negative twodiscrete on the very adverse ,were lost or Asia plate to a ball and 0.88 lower water traysnobbish ,Ryan not pound field down. Good Marseille ahead of two obtained French champions .
More site analysis and nine please visit Yankee cattle blog Sohu. (the full text of 4087 words.) of bovine 2010-5-3 .10045stagewinner .Yankees cattle color analysis (UK 29 36 West36)index channel: football basketball league wide instant index scores live 10045is the earliestgame :2010-05-0601:00:05-02ontime to stop selling time :05-05award time:05-06.
10002stagewins negative color .Football lottery information station 143cattleon Saturday period Live video index channel: football basketball league wide instant index scores live this morning :Yankees victory and defeat color analysis of bovine Friday edition of football lottery column search :we have been efforts ,not a person in battle !More on-the-spot analysis and nine please visit Yankee cattle blog Sohu guy .
Zhejiang lottery website blog :cattle more immediate .Color more wonderful! Bo network or colour classics forum site analysis and nine small single please login Lo cattle blog Sina !Yankees Sina micro-blog cattle : pay attention to immediate release information.

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